Princess Cherry POV Female Humiliation


Princess Cherry!
You worship me so much, don’t you? You’re so weak for me, or at least that’s what you think lol. You think that you worship me, you think that you come here and buy my clips because you’re so straight and you just love hot brats. And I mean who wouldn’t appreciate the hot body of a brat like me. But that’s not what you’re here for, whether you want to admit it or not. I know what you really want. You want what I want. You want to worship what gives Princess pleasure. You’re a full on faggot for my hung man. That’s who you really worship.
I know that when you see my big, perfect booty that you think it looks fucking amazing, and you imagine his big cock going in and out of my ass. But the truth is, you’re wishing it was you, not you fucking me, but you getting fucked in my ass by my man’s huge cock. You’re a fucking faggot and I know it. You think you’re so straight, you watch my clips and try to forget about all those emotions you’ve tried to suppress, but you can’t. And I’m here to break down those walls that you’ve put up. To remind you that it’s not my beautiful ass that you’re here for. And I mean who wouldn’t want to look at it lol? But you’re here for him. You’re here for his cock. You are so desperate to worship my man’s cock.
You want to beg for it. You want to enjoy the big cock that I get to enjoy. You want to worship it, you want to pay it, you want to pump to it. You wanna be a faggot for my man’s big cock. There’s no more hiding it, I am here to bring you your truth, to guide you into becoming the faggot you were meant to be. You’re meant to be pumping your little faggot cock while you worship big, alpha cock. You fucking little homo. You tried hiding in the closet, you tried to worship me, and you did, but when you’re a faggot like you are, there’s no amount of beauty, femdom clips that can get rid of what you really desire.
You were born to jerk and worship my man’s huge alpha cock. You have a fear boner right now, don’t you? Yes, it’s a bit scary, bringing your hidden weakness to the light. You’re fearful of what’s to come, you’re fearful of cumming for cock. But rest assured that you are going to start pumping and cumming to huge cock like a faggot lol. And you need to worship my man’s cock in particular. You need to beg to get to pay his cock. To send to me but knowing it’s going to his alpha cock. Maybe you’ll catch his attention, maybe he’ll call you a faggot too lol. You would like that, wouldn’t you? Yea, you’d love to be called a dirty little faggot by my alpha man.
He effortlessly gets my hot body and you get nothing. Nothing but these clips while I fuck up your sexuality, while you edge and pay, you little faggot. Yea, you’re still a little closet faggot, aren’t you? But the moment you come home, you run straight to my clips, where you can be yourself, where you can worship big fucking cock. You fucking love it. You love that I know you so well, you little faggot. I know you better than you know yourself. You’re nothing but a weak little beta faggot. You wanna worship his cock while I remind you of what you are, making you go deeper and deeper, making you so mesmerized by big cock.
You love big cock and I want you to say it out loud. ‘I love the big cock that Princess Cherry gets to enjoy and I want to worship it too.’ Say, ‘I’m a dirty cock worshiping faggot.’ That’s exactly what you are. I’m going to push you further and further until you’re completely addicted to cock. You love cock, my man’s cock, don’t you faggot?

Title: Princess Cherry – Pump Pay Worship Cock Faggot – Bi

Model: Princess Cherry


Release Date: 12th January, 2023

Duration: 12 min 1 s

Genre: Fetish, sissy training, coerced bi, cock envy, humiliation, cock worship, sissification, sissy sluts, humiliationpov, mindfuck, bi, gay fantasies, gay training, princess cherry

Date: January 21, 2023
Actors: Princess Cherry

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