Deja Electra – Fairy Makes You Cum



You really shouldn’t play around with mythical beings, we like to play around with the weaker humans. You stumble across a beautiful fairy with a glowing face, beautiful wings, long legs and a sexy body. I tease you with my sexy body then suggest we do a little sexual magic to make things interesting. The first potion makes you feel amazing and you get so hard for Me. The second potion does something strange…suddenly you’re picturing cocks! Haha that’s right weak human, this fairy made you the fairy and I’m going to make you jerk off to a whole bunch of cock.

Title: Fairy Seduces You And Makes You Stroke To Cock

Model: Deja Electra

Studio: Amateur

Duration: 12 min 59 s

Release Date: 11th, January

Genre: Fetish, fantasy, fairy, female domination,  bi, fairy wings, jerk off instruction, wig, deja electra

Date: January 17, 2023
Actors: Deja Electra

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