Queen Carmella JOI Sex Tape


Hi, cuck. Alpha and I just got home from a sexy date night. One that’s way out of your lifestyle of course. You know you are inferior and could never deliver to goddess’ sexual fantasies. You just don’t measure up. You will do ANYTHING to get closer to pleasing your queen, so when I teach you how to suck a cock much bigger than yours, you do not hesitate. When alpha and I are done, all you are is a cleanup boy, as I send you on your way back to your small little apartment and boring life. You can’t wait to get the privilege to serve superiors again. If you’re lucky.

Title: I Make Your Wife Orgasm But You Can’t

Model: Queen Carmella

Studio: Amateur

Duration: 1 min 52 s

Release Date: 14th January, 2023

Genre: Pov, cuckold, queen carmella, fetish, bisexual encouragement, godess poca, female domination, beta humiliation

Date: January 17, 2023
Actors: Queen Carmella

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